Saturday, June 10, 2017

I'm already tired and summer has just begun

Okay, so I start a blog about my work on these projects and oh yeah, I'm tired.  True, BUT I'm also packing to move AND renovate our new house in a number of ways.  I haven't posted because I'm too busy working on projects and when I get a break I'm too tired to post.  But again, I want to document all this!

Anyone who knows me in the least knows at least:  a) I'm a Christian b) I love, love, love home improvement and a multitude of creative projects and c) I truly LOVE auctions.  My heart races and I get all sweaty at the prospect.  My kids HATE auctions, I'm sorry to say because I hoped to have a workshop partner, but that isn't looking promising.  My projects for the week:

Two different things altogether, of course.  The butcher block is from a GREAT auction find.  I got 13 table leaves from an on-line auction (I saw the photos and guessed that the leaves were butcher block, you are taking a chance, but they were 92% butcher block.  One was laminate).  Cost me $12.50 for 13 leaves.  I have made 4 projects from all this wood!  And I've made a small fortune selling my projects!  And looky what I found at Scott Antique Market yesterday!   Oooooooh, can't wait to get it up to Blue Ridge to my new workshop to get working on it!  Isn't it unusual?