Saturday, June 10, 2017

I'm already tired and summer has just begun

Okay, so I start a blog about my work on these projects and oh yeah, I'm tired.  True, BUT I'm also packing to move AND renovate our new house in a number of ways.  I haven't posted because I'm too busy working on projects and when I get a break I'm too tired to post.  But again, I want to document all this!

Anyone who knows me in the least knows at least:  a) I'm a Christian b) I love, love, love home improvement and a multitude of creative projects and c) I truly LOVE auctions.  My heart races and I get all sweaty at the prospect.  My kids HATE auctions, I'm sorry to say because I hoped to have a workshop partner, but that isn't looking promising.  My projects for the week:

Two different things altogether, of course.  The butcher block is from a GREAT auction find.  I got 13 table leaves from an on-line auction (I saw the photos and guessed that the leaves were butcher block, you are taking a chance, but they were 92% butcher block.  One was laminate).  Cost me $12.50 for 13 leaves.  I have made 4 projects from all this wood!  And I've made a small fortune selling my projects!  And looky what I found at Scott Antique Market yesterday!   Oooooooh, can't wait to get it up to Blue Ridge to my new workshop to get working on it!  Isn't it unusual?

Friday, May 26, 2017

New Chapter, New Life

I have always wanted to keep a record of my projects -- not for the sake of pride (I make a LOT of mistakes) but for my own failing memory.

At 50, I am starting a new chapter in life with my family - my husband Kevin and our two daughters -- mentally run the Green Acres theme song -- We are leaving the madness of suburbia Atlanta to start a new life in Blue Ridge, GA.  We have felt the draw to Blue Ridge for 4 years or so when we bought a rental property, a cabin in the mountains.  We recently purchased our latest home around the bend from Blue Ridge, overlooking Lake Blue Ridge.  I have a one-car garage workshop which smells and currently contains mostly workshop paraphenalia that is shortly going to be called TRASH.  One solid work space is about all I want to keep.  In the meantime, I am home alone in our "old house" making repairs in preparation for closing.  Kevin and the girls are at the "new house" with our dogs too.

We have suffered some catastrophic photo losses due to failure to back-up.  NEVER AGAIN.  Mostly I regret the girls' photos from early years.  Not sure how many we have, but I will cry about that later.  Tonight I want to put some of my project pics here (the ones that are surviving).  Some are very random (woodworking, stained glass attempts, refinishing furniture, bathtubs, gutting my bathroom, garbage finds, auction finds - you name it).

My job is changing due to a number of factors:  I resigned last year as a special ed teacher due to a moral conflict (enough said) and spent this last school year working in an elementary clinic.  Today was my last day of work, I turned in my keys and I did cry a few times today.  I tend to have PowerPoint presentations in my mind with maudlin soundtracks, very elaborately constructed -- all playing in my own emotional brain.  On the way to work I was formulating a goodbye speech to be delivered at the staff meeting and had tears running down my face  -- but the principal in reality merely said "Oh yeah, and for those moving on, best of luck...."  I was relieved, but I had been hoping to thank everyone and recite a short poem with a funny finish about how relieved I am to get through the year without contracting lice .....

When I find a few more older project pics, I will post more.....